Case Study

Medical Clinic Patient Support App

The Objective

Enhancing the patient experience for a national leader in prosthetic care

Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics (MCOP) is an international leader in prosthetic care for lower limb and upper extremity amputees. Their unique expetise has led them to be selected as the exclusive prosthetic contractors to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for over 10 years. For the past 5+ years, MCOP and ADK have partnered to grow the company's non-military clinics from one location in 2012 to 5 locations today. To support continued growth, MCOP asked ADK to create a mobile patient application for iOS and Android to better engage and support their patients.
The Objective
The SolutionThe SolutionThe Solution

The Solution

First, ADK's strategy team worked with MCOP to define features of the application that would appeal to their patients and increase usage of the app. The selected features included a personalizable set of resources on their prosthetic devices and novel new ways to interact with MCOP and contact their prosthetist. From there, ADK set out to build the application. We selected the Ionic/Angular 2.0 framework for it's ability to code once and deploy to Google Play and the App Store as the most efficient solution based on the project criteria.

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ADK's deep knowledge of our client and their customer, paired with our leading Boston-based mobile app UX designers and developers made us the perfect fit for the project. Working fast and smart, we were were able to deliver a polished MCOP Connect application to the app stores on-time and on-budget. The MCOP Connect app is currently in early customer testing, and we're very excited to see the impact on the company and on MCOP's patient experience.

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